New!  Ramp Darvas Box Scanner

Ramp Newsletter May 1, 2012

Ramp 7 now includes a full featured Darvas Box Scanner. 
The images below are two of 92 taken from today's market using Ramp's new Darvas Box Scanner.
I used free Yahoo data to show that this scan can be done on any market anywhere in the world.

Note that the blue boxes were created on volume surges and the red boxes were not.

You can scan for bullish or bearish Darvas Boxes and control the box construction using the simple controls as seen in the image below.

Scanning for Darvas Boxes is now fast and simple with the new Darvas Box feature in the
Ramp Pattern Recognition Scanner at

The Darvas Box Scanner is included in Ramp Release 7063 or higher.  Your Ramp 7 Program has already been auto updated with the new Darvas Box Scan.  In Ramp 7, click on "Custom" and then select Darvas Boxes.

 I do custom programming.  Do you have a  new scan you would like to see in the Ramp Program?  For more information on adding a scan to the Ramp Program go to or call me at 509 720-4702 in the USA.

Thank you.
Andy Skinner

Phone 509-720-4702 in the USA