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Why is there a Ramp 8 and a Ramp 9?
Ramp is in the middle of a complete rewrite to keep it current.  Ramp 8 was written in older Windows VB6 32 bit code.  Ramp 9 is all new Windows VB.net 64 bit compatible code.  The entire rewrite will take about three years and it is over half way there.  All users can run both Ramp 8 and Ramp 9 during this period.  You do not need to choose one or the other.  Run both programs to access all scans.  Use Ramp 9 when you can and go back to Ramp 8 for the scans that have not yet been rewritten.

Ramp 9 Scanners

Aroon Lines
BobCharts Auto Support and Resistance Lines
Bollinger Band, Keltner Squeeze and DPOs
Candle Sticks
Darvas Boxes
Double Bottoms and Tops
Elliott Waves
Price Consolidation and Breakouts
Fibonacci Retracements
Murrey Math
Stochastic Divergences
RSI Divergences
CCI Divergences
MACD Index
MACD Index Divergences
MACD Divergence Index

Ramp 8 Scanners

ABCD ZigZags
Cup and Handles
Flags and Pennants
Head and Shoulders
High Pullbacks
Island Reversals
Ichimoku Clouds
Linear Regressions
MACD Divergences
Moving Average, ADX
Multi Timeframe BobCharts
Price Channels
Six Point Reversals

Market Data Options for Ramp 8 and Ramp 9

End of day Data
Free end of day data for US stocks, ETFs, and Forex is the default connection in Ramp 8 and Ramp 9.  End of day data for most world markets is also free from Google.  Ramp connects directly to Google data.

Real Time Data
Some real time data is free, some is cheap, and some is expensive.

Free Real Time Data
Free Forex data from MT4

For MT4 data see http://www.mt4-mq4-expert-advisor-download.com/

Free Forex data from FXCM.com (the best)

For FXCM data see http://www.nebadawn.com/help-files-for-Ramp9/FXCM-FXDD1.html

All RT-Alerts images are free.  This includes US stocks, ETFs  and Forex (No Futures or non US markets)

For RT-Alerts see www.RT-Alerts.com

Paid Real Time Data:
Less expensive data comes from ActiveTick.com.  The cost is $49.95 a month.  They have Forex, US ETFs and US Stocks (No Futures or non US markets).  For ActiveTick data see

The most expensive is from MetaStock's Xenith.  They have real time futures, options, stocks, etfs, foreign markets and everything else.

The Xenith cost is $150 a month for the first three months and $150 each month after that.  That price is for North American stocks.  Prices differ with each market.  You will need to talk with them.  Use the coupon code NEBADAWN to get the discount when you talk with MetaStock about Xenith data.

For Xenith data see http://www.ramprt.com/help-files/Xenith-Pattern-Recognition-Scanner.htm

Click here to install Ramp 9

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