Ramp Crypto Currency Pattern Recognition Scanner

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Get a fast start by watching this YouTube video.
Crypto Currency Chart Pattern Recognition Scanner Video

To connect Ramp to Free end of day crypto currency data select the Crypto Currencies option in Ramp Step1 Select a Data Source.

After selecting the Crypto Currencies option you will need to select a symbol list in Ramp Step 2 Select a Symbol List
See the image below.

crypto currency pattern recognition scanner

When the Select a Symbol List window pops up you should see several default crypto currency symbol lists.  If not, click on the Download Updated Standard Symbol Lists and they will appear.  You can select from the default crypto currency symbol lists or create as many of your own as you like. 

 Be sure to use the proper currency names as found in the symbol list Crypto-All.  In the image below you will see that Golem must be entered as Golem-Network-Solutions.  This is true for many symbols.

crypto currency pattern recognition scanner

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