Ramp Crypto Currency Pattern Recognition Scanner

Crypto Data Downloader Help

To connect Ramp to Free end of day crypto currency data select the Crypto Currencies option in Ramp Step1 Select a Data Source.

After selecting the Crypto Currencies option you will need to select a symbol list in Ramp Step 2 Select a Symbol List
See the image below.

crypto currency pattern recognition scanner

When the Select a Symbol List window pops up you may see three default crypto currency symbol list.  If not, click on the Download Updated Standard Symbol Lists and they will appear.  You can select from the default crypto currency symbol lists or create as many of your own as you like.  In the example below a symbol list named MyBitcoin was created and it holds the single symbol "BITCOIN".  Note that this data source uses the currency name as the symbol.  Be sure to use the proper currency names as used at www.coinmarketcap.com .

crypto currency pattern recognition scanner

To create a new symbol list click on New List and give your list any name you like.  It must be a valid Windows file name.

Type or paste your currency names in the column on the right.  Also note that you can copy and paste a vertical list of names rather than typing each one.  Use the Control/C keys to copy and the control/V keys to paste.  When you are finished be sure to click on Save List.

When you click on Use this List the Crypto Currency Downloader program will start running with your symbol list selected.  See the image below.

crypto currency pattern recognition scanner

The downloader will start downloading data files one at a time in alphabetical order.  In the example above 100 symbol files will be downloaded.  This image was taken on file number 17 of the 100.

The colored square box tells you what is happening with the file.  When it is yellow a request has been sent to the web for data.  When the data has been received the box will flash green.  You may not see the green flash becuase it happens very fast.

If you check Auto Start the downloads will begin automatically when it pops up.  If it is not checked you can clcik the Start button to begin the downloads.

If you check Auto Exit the downloader program will close when all of the data files have been downloaded.

The Loop Checkbox will put the downloader in a continuous loop.  It will pause a few seconds and start at the top again indefinitely.

The Debug Checkbox is for special debug purposes only.  Leave it unchecked.

The Exit Button will close the program.

The Stop Button will stop the downloads without closing the program.

The Help Button will bring up this web page.

The Data Button will take you to the newly created  local .csv data files.  

When you run a scan the data is downloaded to individual symbol .csv files in the fold
C:\users\your user name\appdata\roaming\Ramp9\Crypto-Data\.

See the image below.


An image of an example open data files can be seen below.

crypto-currency-pattern-recognition scanner

Below is an image taken from a sample scan.  It is an image of Bitcoin in a channel. 

Crypto Currency Pattern Scanner

The automatic support and resistance line scanner in Ramp 9 was used for the above image.  We call these BobCharts.  For an explanation of the red and blue lines see the BobChart videos at the links below.

BobCharts Automatic Support and Resistance Lines Explained Video

BobCharts Update Video 1

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