Ramp ADX, Directional Index and
Moving Average Scanner

Scan charts for up to 5 moving average, ADX, DI+ and or DI- interactions.
End of day and intraday in real time.
Choose 1 minute through monthly bars.

For Moving Average Settings Demo Video Click Here

The image above shows an example setup screen for the 10 bar moving average crossing up through the 20 while the 20 is above the 50, the 50 is above the 100 and the 100 is above the 200.  It also sets the scan to find this setup anytime in the last 3 bars.  Note that this is a moving average scan only.  The ADX rules are unchecked and therefore not used.

This scanner is extremely versatile.  You can use up to 5 rules to find any interaction of price with moving average lines and or interaction between several moving average lines.

Below is an example of a much simpler scan setup.

The setup above is a single rule and asks that the closing price of the current bar be touching the 200 bar moving average line.  Note that to get a price for a single bar simply select a 1 bar moving average.  As an example the one bar moving average calculated on the close is the closing price and a one bar moving average of the high price is the current bar's high.  No ADX rules are checked.

You can add more Moving Average rules as was done in the image below.

In the image above the scanner is asked to find charts with the current bar's low below the 50 and close above it.  Note that Bar 1 is the current bar and bar two is the next bar back. The last 3 rules are adding the requirement that the low was above the 50 bar MA for 3 bars before the current bar's drop through and recovery.

This scanner is very versatile and can be used to find just about any moving average trade setup.

ADX Example Setup
ADX Scanner Example

In the example above two ADX rules were combined with one Moving Average rule.  The 5 bar MA must be crossing up through the 20 bar MA and the ADX must be over 15 while at the same time the +DI (Directional Index) must be crossing up through the -DI.  An actual scan result for this example is shown below:
ADX and Directional Index Scaner Example Image

You can install and run the ADX, Directional Index and Moving Average Scanner in the Ramp 8 free trial at www.nebadawn.com.  Just click on the "More" button and select the ADX and Moving Average Scanner as show in the image nelow..

Click here to Install the Ramp Program Moving Average, ADX, and Directional Index Scanner.