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Selecting a Data Source

Free Internet EOD, US Stocks and FOREX

This is free end of day data for NYSE, NASDAQ and Amex Stocks. It also includes FOREX end of day data for major currency pairs. To select this data source, click the down arrow in the text box in Step1 as shown in the image below and select "Free Internet EOD, US Stocks & FOREX".

Free-Internet EOD-Data-1

Next click on "Click Here to Select a Symbol List" as shown in the image below.

public internet data

When the window below appears, you can select any of the standard symbol lists or create your own.  Note that the button at the top left will show you a video with instructions on creating your own symbol lists.  You can create as many as you like.

When your symbol list has been selected, click on "Use This List" and your selected symbols will be loaded into the Symbols to Scan window on the main control screen.