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The "Ramp" Stock Chart Cup-and-Handle Pattern Recognition Scanner created by Nebadawn, Inc.

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Cup-and-Handle Forex-Trading with TC2000.com Data

***. My name is Andy Skinner & I am the developer of the Ramp Market scanner.

Test for any of these chart patterns:

Support Price Touch
Support Price Break
Resistance Level Touch
Resistance Line Failure
Price Resistance Breakout
Price Level Failures
Fibonacci Level Pull backs
Fibonacci Level Extensions
W Bottoms
Double Tops
Head and Shoulders
Any Pull Back Percentage
Bill Oneal IBD Cup with Handle
Selling Cup & Handle
5 Year Highs
Range Bound Stocks
Diverging MACD
Pull Back Percentage
John Bollinger Standard deviations

Video of the Nebadawn, Inc. chart pattern recognition scan software running a Simple Support Line Touch Search.

Cup-and-Handle Forex-Trading with TC2000.com Data.

The Ramp TC2000.com Data program is an unparalleled system that shows Cup-and-Handle patterns, including, any bullish and bearish combination showing price levels breaching and bouncing off certified chart channel boundaries. Using the Ramp Cup-and-Handle scanner, you can determine the technial pattern you desire or you can select among the example setups. Automaticly test hundreds of stock symbols in just minutes to uncover Cup-and-Handle trading setups. (free trial, download today)

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Today's Example Ramp Cup-and-Handle Stock charts

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Revolutionary! BobCharts
Look at Current Support and Resistance Levels on Any Stock!

Beneath find example Nebadawn Bob Charts. BobCharts are a new feature in the Nebadawn Chart Pattern Recognition Program. Bob-Charts reach back 1000 trading bars to locate all meaningful support and resistance trend lines for any symbol or list of symbols. When you use Bob Charts on your favorite stock symbols, you may never look back and out moded stock charts again! Try out BOBCharts free for a few days & understand the future of Chart Pattern Trading.

If you want more information relating to Bob-Charts click Here

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Free Demonstration and Training Video. Ramp Demonstration Streaming Video.

Install the Program doubleclick here to download the Ramp program and test it free on your current historical data.

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EMail: webmaster@nebadawn.com


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