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Ramp Chart Pattern Scanner Testimonials

I have been using the Ramp program developed by Nebadawn to scan 600 to 700 stocks daily in search of stocks hitting a support line.   With the settings I use, Ramp generally finds 40 to 70 stocks worthy of further evaluation.  This saves me considerable time in my daily search routine. Paul M., Greenacres, WA

I have been using RAMP for over 3 months now and have found RAMP to be a tremendous value with finding stocks meeting my support and resistance criteria.  Using RAMP to scan a 400-700 stock watch list and following up with money stream and Elliott wave analysis has increased my winning selection of picks three fold from other methods I previously used.  Andy Skinner has been the absolute best providing the kind of customer support severely lacking with other software developers.  I especially like some of the recent upgrades made. RAMP is a great program to add to the trading toolbox and pays for itself in no time!"
Alan D.

I would like to thank you for providing a wonderful software program.  I would highly advise anyone who is interested in breakouts, breakdowns, trading ranges to purchase the Ramp program.  Ramp has provided me with many profitable setups for intraday trading as well as multiday holds.  The tech support you have provided with Ramp has been top notch and I wholeheartedly give you a 10 in that area.  Thanks again and keep up the good work.
Mark C.

Thanks for that great Ramp support scan.  I've had it one week and find new ways to make money with it every day.  That last scan I sent you picked 10 of 11 one day moves perfect.  Incredible results! Thanks again.
Dave M., New Hope, PA

Thank you for your 3 day free trial, in that 3 days I made enough to purchase your program, that was not the reason I asked to use the free trial it just happened that way, obviously I was interested in your scan to begin with, I have purchased  many items in the past to help me with my trading, and I must admit that your system has been the best yet, oh by way, u should charge more money, thanks a million for creating such a wonderful program. dave g

Thank you; your swift response is very much appreciated.  I love the early forming W bottoms scan feature and look forward to viewing all seven videos.  Ramp has helped my trading immensely! Leon


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