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Data Sources

Ramp Silver End of Day and Ramp Gold Real Time Membership Data Source Capability
Data Sources Ramp Gold Ramp Silver Free
End of Day "EOD" and Real Time "RT" Real Time End of Day Trial
Free End of Day Internet Data for US Stocks and Forex EOD EOD EOD
Free Google End of Day Data for US and World Markets EOD EOD EOD
TeleChart 2007 End of Day Data EOD EOD EOD
Text File End of Day Historical Data EOD EOD EOD
MetaStock End of Day and Real Time Data Files EOD and RT EOD EOD and RT
Free MT4 Real Time Forex Data EOD and RT EOD EOD and RT
ActiveTick.com Real Time Data EOD and RT EOD EOD and RT
Free Real Time Forex from FXCM.com FXConnectAPI EOD and RT EOD EOD and RT
MetaStock Xenith Real Time Data EOD and RT EOD EOD and RT

MetaStock Xenith Real Time Data
This is a premium real time data service for MetaStock  Xenith users.  It will connect Ramp to real time data for most markets world wide.

Free Internet EOD, US Stocks and FOREX
This is free end of day data for NYSE, NASDAQ and Amex Stocks. It also include Forex end of day data for major currency pairs.  The data is updated occasionally throughout the trading day.
For free end of day data on any other market see Free Yahoo Data below.

Free FXCM.com FXConnectAPI Real Time Forex Data
If you are a Forex trader this is the data source you will want to use.  The data is free with a FXCM.com funded or free trial account.  The data is excellent and the cost can't be beat.  You can select from 13 timeframes from 1 minute to monthly bars.

Free Google EOD, World Markets
This option downloads free end of day historical data directly from Google Finance. You can choose from many markets world wide.

TeleChart 2007 Local EOD Data
Sometimes call TC2000 this is a premium paid data provider for US stocks, Indexes and ETFs.  No other markets are included. If you are unhappy with the data quality of  free data or would like a to try a wealth of additional features, this is a good choice.  Click here to sign up for a 14 day free trial.  Note that TeleChart 2012 has no data capabilities and is of limited use.  For best results install TeleChart 2007.

MetaStock Local Real Time and EOD Data Format
MetaStock is both the name of a charting program and a standard data format.  In this case we are referring to the standard MetaStock Intra Day and EOD historical data format available from many vendors for all markets world wide.  This is a premium paid data service and is an excellent choice for world wide markets.  For end of day we suggest MetaStock data from Equis.  There is a 30 day free trial if you register through option B (DataLink) here.

Text Data Local EOD Format
Ramp will read simple text file end of day data.  This data is available from many internet sources and the option is available for users who already have EOD local text historical data files.  Each symbol is a separate file with each line in the file a days data.

Free MT4 (MetaTrader 4) Real Time Forex
MT4 is a FOREX charting/trading platform available free from most FOREX brokers.  Your broker provides the MT4 program and the data feed with your account.  Ramp will add an indicator to your MT4 folder that you can attach to your MT4 charts.  This indicator will output real time streaming .csv (comma separated value)  historical data files.  Ramp can open and read these data files in real time.

ActiveTick.com Real Time Data for US Stocks and Forex
This is a premium Real Time charting program and data source for US Markets and Forex. This is a great option for a reliable and fast (inexpensive!) data source.

More Ramp Data Sources

InvestorLink (For Stock and Futures Traders)
InvestorLink provides end of day and historical financial data for use in technical analysis. Coverage includes stocks, indexes, commodities, commitment of traders, and mutual fund data. Our data is typically used with charting software but is also well suited for use with spreadsheets and custom analysis applications. Two week free trial.
We recommend this option for those who want to trade futures in addition to stocks and are not looking for an included charting program. It is also less expensive.

Paid Data Verses Free Internet Data
Ramp will connect to free or paid data sources.  There are three factors to consider when deciding between paid and free data.

The first is the timeliness of the data. Each market is different, so you want to look at how current the prices are on your market's free data.  If you feel it is delayed too far, you may want to do a free trial on Premium Paid Data.

The second is completeness. That is, are all of the symbols you want in the data?  Again, this is highly dependant on the market you want to trade.  If this become a problem for you, try a free trial of Premium Paid Data.

The third consideration is pre scanning with the premium data source tools.  For US stocks TeleChart is an excellent example of this.  In TeleChart you can scan by fundamentals or other parameters that are not chart patterns.  This way you can create a list of symbols based on fundamentals and then scan only that list for patterns with Ramp. Click here for a TeleChart 14 day free trial.

In summary start with free data and, in most cases, it is all you need.  If you like, you can then try a premium data source.  Premium data sources typically will offer you a free trial period.

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