New in Ramp 8
Find these and more new scanner features in Ramp 8.

Moving Average Scanner

ADX, +DI and -DI Directional Indicator Scanner

Elliott Wave Scanner

Yahoo Fundamentals  Scanner

Price, Volume and Volume Surge Scanner

Flag and Pennant Chart Scanner

Flags, Triangles, Channels and Pennants

Channeling Stocks Scanner

Bollinger Bands Squeeze Scanner

Island Reversal Scanner

RSI Divergence Scanner

Six Point Reversal Scanner

How do I upgrade to Ramp 8?
If you are a Ramp Gold Real Time Subscriber you can install Ramp 8 and login with you current user name and password any time. You are automatically upgraded but you do have to install the program. All Gold subscribers should move to Ramp 8.

If you have purchased or upgraded to Ramp 7 Silver in the past year you can upgrade to Ramp 8 at no charge and use it for a full year from the date of your Ramp 7 purchase. All you need to do is install Ramp 8 and send an email to me . Put the words, “Ramp7 to 8” in the subject line and please allow me a few days to get your Ramp 8 access turned on.

Installing Ramp 8 will have no effect on your Ramp 7 lifetime subscription. When your Ramp 8 subscription expires you will not be auto billed for another year. You can simply run Ramp 7 or initiate a new Ramp 8 subscription if you like.

All future updates and new features will be added to Ramp 8. Ramp 5, 6 and 7 will be supported indefinitely but will not have new features added.

If you have not purchased or upgraded to Ramp 7 in the past year you can subscribe to Ramp 8 at .

For a limited time you can use coupon code S50 for $50 off of the $148 yearly subscription price for Ramp Silver End of Day. That works out to $98 a year or only $8.17 per month.

You can also upgrade to Ramp Gold for one year by using coupon code G100 for $100 off the regular $249 one year subscription price. This will give you a full year of both Ramp 8 Gold Real Time and RT-Alerts real time service.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at